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Meet the Board

President Dr. Erica Barron
President-ElectDr. Janice Homan
Vice President Dr. Justin Ganjei
Secretary Dr. Gary Gackstetter
TreasurerDr. Jessica Wootton
Board of Directors
16-18 Dr. Tyler Anderson
16-18 Dr. Kimberly McGrath
17-19 Dr. Jennifer Gilbert
17-19 Amjad Chaudhry
Advisory Board
Dr. Donna Krochak
Dr. Anke Langenbach
Dr. Amy Yam
Director Emeritus Dr. Steve Rogers
Committee Chairs
Program Co-Chair 2017-2018/19 Dr. Suzanne Cavadel
Program Co-Chair 2017-2018/19/20 Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna
Technician Program Chairs Ellen Carozza, LVT & Jennifer Withrow, CVT
Publicity Dr. Janice Homan
Recent Graduate Committee Drs. Jessica Wootton, Dr. Jessica Watson
Scholarship Committee Dr. A'ndrea VanSchoick
Human-Animal Bond Dr. Earl Strimple
Director Emeritus Dr. Ivan Metzger
Website/Social Media Dr. Jane Owel
Financial Planning Dr. Donna Krochak
Executive Director Larry Koffer
Administrative Staff: Midge McCarthy-Biles
Barbara Koffer
Nikki O'Malley
Phil Rossi
Charter Members of DC Academy
Joseph Barr*
Roswell Bowersett*
George Brumble*
Raymond Burns*
Donald Carren
A. Bud Fenton*
Kelly Griesbach
Abe Linder
Peter Malnati
James McLeod
Hyman Newman
William Ready*
Gary Roop
Louis Sardo*
Mason Weadon
Wayne Witter
Albert Benson
Norman Breslauer*
Harold Burton
Harvey Cowan
Edward Gofreed*
Jean Goudy*
Victor Longoria*
William Marsh*
Harold Melman
Justin Parvey*
Sam Resnick*
Irving Ross*
Carl Smith*
Donald Walbert
Lanxter Webber*
Seymour Wolf*
Bernard Berliner
William Brunn*
M. Gregory Carbone
Raymond Currey*
Bernard Goldsmith
John Keeler
Robert Lynn*
Ross McCullough
Edward Michelitch*
Charles Patton
John Roeder
Ed Ruebush*
George Stewart*
Marshall Waple
Ralph Witter*
Past Presidents of DC Academy
DC Academy Past Presidents (left to right): Drs. Jim McLeod[1974], Earl Strimple[1975], Ed Michelitch[1978]*, Lew Cooper[1972]*, Sandy Karn[1976]*, Jim Reid[1973], Charles Williams[1977], Gary Roop[1969] (picture circa 1979) *=deceased
1957  Dr. R. M. Lynn*
1958  Dr. H.C. Newman
1959  Dr. H. W. Cowan*
1960  Dr. E. E. Ruebush*
1961  Dr. George Brumble*
1962  Dr. Jean S. Goudy*
1963  Dr. D. J. Carren
1964  Dr. Ralph Witter*
1965  Dr. B. J. Berliner
1966  Dr. A. C. Benson, Jr.
1967  Dr. J. J. Parvey*
1968  Dr. D. B. McKeown
1969  Dr. R. Gary Roop
1970  Dr. W. H. Brunn*
1971  Dr. M. G. Carbone
1972  Dr. Lew Cooper*
1973  Dr. J. S. Reid*
1974  Dr. J. McLeod
1975  Dr. Earl O. Strimple
1976  Dr. S. O. Karn*
1977  Dr. C. A. Williams
1978  Dr. Ed Michelitch*
1979  Dr. Jim Stunkard*
1980  Dr. Gary Knipling
1981  Dr. David Jackson*
1982  Dr. L. J. Giebel
1983  Dr. Jeff Buck
1984  Dr. Jerry Hinn
1985  Dr. Nolan Rubin
1986  Dr. David Johnson
1987  Dr. Robert C. Brown
1988  Dr. Steven A. Rogers
1989  Dr. Freg G. Garrison
1990  Dr. Robert D. Gunnels

1991-1992  Dr. Harvey A. Braaf*
1992-1993  Dr. Era Jo Moorer
1993-1994  Dr. Thomas S. Roehr
1994-1995  Dr. Pennie Carroll
1995-1996  Dr. Ivan F. Metzger
1996-1997  Dr. Pervaiz Manzoor
1997-1998  Dr. Bill Kusterbeck
1998-1999  Dr. Steven Cohen
1999-2000  Dr. Jane Owel
2000-2001  Dr. Don Wilson
2001-2002  Dr. Julia Jones
2002-2003  Dr. Carl Rogge
2003-2004  Dr. Donna Krochak
2004-2005  Dr. Doug Powell
2005-2006  Dr. Amy Yam
2006-2007  Dr. Betsy Dayrell-Hart
2007-2008  Dr. Adam McClure
2008-2009  Dr. Susan Barnes
2009-2010  Dr. Katy Nelson
2010-2011  Dr. A'ndrea VanSchoick
2011-2012  Dr. Suzy Cooke
2012-2013  Dr. Wendy Weirich
2013-2014  Dr. Donna Krochak
2014-2015 Dr. Jeffery Jones
2015-2016 Dr. Anke Langenbach
2016-2017 Dr. Amy Yam

Honorary Members
Cyril Clarke
Donal B. McKeown
Earl O. Strimple

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